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My name is Heather. I love hockey, comics, and Bob Dylan. Trek yourself before you wreck yourself. Get to know me.

My hockey pics

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It’s my happy birthday

much adult


Best friend birthday

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hardtobryzgalove Asked:
happy birthday bitch!! <3 thanks for being my mom or grand mom!

My answer:


hardtobryzgalove Asked:
oh you reblog my shit but you never answer my texts anymore you nasty bitch

My answer:

its bc i h8 u

  • Cashier: That'll be $17.67
  • Me: *hands over $20*
  • Mom: I HAVE THE 67 CENTS

This was pretty fabulous. #phillycomiccon #mattsmith #eleven #doctorwho


Favorite male character + Groot [ Marvel ]
↳ ”I am Groot!”